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  • February 2, 2017

    Where Does my Electricity Go?

    Have you ever opened your electrical bill and wondered how your little house has managed to consume so much electricity?  I certainly have, especially when the July electrical bill comes for the electricity that was consumed in June.  It is always a shock to watch your bill double or triple in a matter of weeks.  But – where is all of that extra electricity going?  And where does the bulk of our electrical consumption occur during standard times?

    Your Home – Electrical

    One of the worst consumers of electricity is also one of the most essential appliances in your home.  It is the HVAC unit, or the appliances you may use if you do not have central heat and air ie. fans, window AC units, plug in heaters or electric blankets and more.  We like to keep our homes at a comfortable temperature regardless of the temperatures outside.  There are only a few things you can do to reduce this monthly expense.

    Raise/Lower your thermostat. Raising your thermostat temperature setting a few degrees in the Summer or lowering it a few degrees in the winter is an easy way to save big on your electric bill.  Wear shorts and tank tops around the house in the Summer to keep comfortable and bundle up in the Winter with slipper socks and fleece or flannel house clothes.

    Have your unit serviced regularly. Regular servicing will ensure that your HVAC unit is working properly and performing to its maximum potential.

    Install a HVAC unit or replace an older, less efficient one. If you are using a Wall AC and fans etc, the electrical costs of those appliances can be overwhelming.  Many local electrical companies can assist you with finding financing or government programs and rebates to help you with the cost of replacing an older less efficient HVAC unit with a newer more efficient unit.

    Electricity in the Kitchen


    Our kitchens tend to be chock full of energy-using appliances, large and small.  Most kitchens have a refrigerator, freezer, and dish washer.  Some stoves also run on electricity.  Many people own microwaves, coffee makers, espresso machines, blenders, bread machines, mixers, crock pots and more!  While the energy usage of each of these individually may be small, they can certainly add up in terms of over all energy usage.


    The fridge and freezer – it is estimated that about 4% of the annual energy costs in your home comes from the fridge and freezer. Although this doesn’t seem like a whole lot, in most homes it reaches right about $100 a year. By keeping this appliance clean you can reduce the amount of energy used to keep your food fresh.

    The oven – in most cases, a gas oven will be more energy efficient than one that is electrically powered. Although an oven that has a self-cleaning feature included will often be better insulated and thus energy efficient, using this feature excessively will be a huge waste of energy. Instead work to use a lid or tin foil to keep food from spilling over.

    The dishwasher – in most cases the dishwasher accounts for about 2% of energy costs in the home. By rinsing dishes before loading them, you will save a significant amount of water cleaning here. No matter how full you fill the dishwasher, it will still use about the same amount of energy so don’t be afraid to load it up.

    Small Appliances – unplugging your small appliances when they are not in use can also help keep your energy costs down as well as providing more safety from an electrical fire.

    Small changes in the kitchen can reduce the amount you are spending on energy appliances in your home. Assess the products you have, and determine how you can reduce costs.

    Laundry Room Electrical


    Although there are only two main appliances in the laundry room, they account for a high amount of the costs of your home. The easiest solution here is to switch to more energy efficient models. If this isn’t practical for you, make changes that will increase efficiency:

    The washer – between both the washer and the dryer, 6% of the energy used in the home is accounted for. For clothes that aren’t terribly soiled, wash a full load in cold water rather than hot or warm. This will reduce the energy costs for this appliance.

    The dryer – there are models of dryers that come with moisture sensors. These can detect when clothes are dry, turning off the appliance when necessary. Although the washer can be filled to the brim, the dryer needs a little extra space to efficiently dry all articles of clothing.

    Electrical in the Living Room

    You and your family probably spend a lot of time in your family room. There may be a few appliances in here that will consume more energy than you realize:

    The lighting – the lighting is all throughout your house, but it is important to analyze where it is most used, and turn it off when not in use. For the entire house the lighting accounts for about 12% of the bills. Switch to energy efficient bulbs and turn off switches when not in use to reduce this cost.

    TV and DVD players – This will vary greatly on how much the TV is being used, but in general this will account for 3% of the homes energy expenses. To keep these appliances from sucking energy when not in use, unplug them. This can be made easier by plugging them into a power strip that can turn off everything at once.

    For more help with your electrical questions and issues in the Sacramento area, call A1 Electrical at 916-482-3400!







  • September 6, 2016

    Outdoor Lighting

    Lighting – Its Not Just For Indoors Anymore!

    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Wilmington LED outdoor lighting

    Are you looking to update the exterior of your home?  Or interested in adding some instant curb appeal?  Wanting to add an extra layer of security to your home?  While at the same time increasing the resale value?  The answer:

    OUTDOOR LIGHTING!  Outdoor lighting can deter potential criminals from attempting to enter your home at night.  They also help beautiful and modernize your home.  Custom outdoor lighting allows you to highlight your home’s best features and helps with resale!  If you are looking to sell your property soon, consider that many potential buyers work during the days and may be seeing your property for the first time at dusk or after.   And many potential buyers like to come “check out the neighborhood” after dark before committing to a home purchase.  The right lighting could help make that all important great first impression.


    When it comes to outdoor lighting, there are two options, and the right lighting for your application depends on your choice.

    Option #1:  Would you like to have outdoor lighting that stays on all night long?  If you are trying to illuminate dark areas of your yard all night or want your home to always look its best and deter anyone with bad intentions, this is the option for you.  You want to select more energy efficient lights with longer life spans due to the amount of use they will be getting.   The experts at A1 Electrical can help you select the right outdoor lighting for your application.

    Option #2:  Would you prefer to have your lights come on only when needed?  When you put your lights on a motion sensor, you can afford to have brighter lights since they will only be on when the sensor is triggered.  This is advantageous if the primary purpose of your lighting installation is security.


    If your primary motivation for installing outdoor lighting is for landscape beautification, please keep the following tips in mind:

    – Low Voltage is your friend!  You don’t need to blast your home with a zillion watts of bright white to have an impact.  The BIGGEST impact you would see is on your electric bill!  You can create a beautiful warm and inviting outdoor space without dramatically increasing your monthly power bill.

    – What do you want to illuminate?  What are your home’s best features?  Are there certain areas you want to highlight (or, hide)?  Do you want an all-over glow, or a more dramatic use of light and dark?  There are down-lights and up-lights available which direct focussed light either up or down to create different effects.


    A1 Electrical Can Help You Select the Best Outdoor Lighting.  Some benefits of outdoor lighting include:

    Beauty/Aesthetics- landscape lighting can help showcase the BEST features of your home, and his the ones that are less attractive by directing the eye.  At A1 Electrical we can design the outdoor lighting installation that will bring out the best in YOUR home!

    Security – A well lit home is a safer home.  Thieves and other nocturnal criminals obviously want to avoid discovery.  The best way to deter them from entering your home is to keep it lit, preventing any dark hiding spaces that a criminal could use to get access to your home and family.

    Safety – beyond the added safety provided by the layer of security outdoor lighting adds to yoru house, it can also help illuminate and avoid potential safety hazards.  Have you ever stumbled over a root in your front yard while walking the garbage can to the road in the dark?  Or caught your toe on a sprinkler head?  Landscape lighting can help make your outdoor area safer to navigate.

    A1 Electrical would appreciate the opportunity to assist you with any of your outdoor lighting needs.  Please contact us at 916-482-3400 to discuss a custom outdoor lighting installation for your Sacramento area home!





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